School information

A two-day Doctoral School (17-18 September 2016) within the EUPROMETA Doctoral Programme will be held right before the Conference.

The school topic is:

Metamaterials from THz to optics

The school offers a unique opportunity to students and young researchers to meet pioneers and leading experts in metamaterials and get exposure to the latest advancements in this burgeoning research field. Comprehensive lectures will take into account the widespread backgrounds of the audience.

Confirmed Lectures

Thomas Koschny (Ames Lab, Iowa, USA): Challenges and recent progress in Metamaterials and Metasurfaces at optical frequencies.

Martin Wegener (KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany): 3D optical metamaterials and 3D optical cloaking.

Ramon Jose Paniagua Dominguez (A-star, Singapore): Dielectric metamaterials and metasurfaces.

Jacob  Khurgin (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA): Losses in Plasmonics and Metamaterials and prospective techniques for their mitigation.

Kosmas Tsakmakidis (University of Ottawa, Canada): Active nanoplasmonic metamaterials: From full loss-compensation to quantum-coherence emergent self-organized criticality.

Philippe Tassin (Chalmers, Sweden): Graphene in Terahertz and Optical Metamaterials

Mikhail Lapine (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia): Design and analysis of nonlinear and tunable metamaterials.

Zuben Jacob (Purdue, USA): Thermal metamaterials.

Harald Giessen (University of Stuttgart, Germany): Complex plasmonics - chiral and nonreciprocal.

Maria Maragkou (Nature Materials, London): Inside Nature Materials.

Manolis Antonoyannakis (American Physical Society, USA): Selectivity, prestige, and high-impact in science publishing: An APS perspective 

Preliminary program:

Click here to download the preliminary program of the school.

The participation to the school gives 2 ECTS credits.

Supported by

MTI Diamond sponsor

Crete Center of Quantum Complexity and Nanotechnology

American Elements, global manufacturer of advanced electromagnetic, optoelectronic, & nanophotonic materials for fabrication of metamaterials