Social events

For the conference participants who will stay in Crete on September 23, there will be the possibility of an organized excursion to Arkadi/Rethymno/Chania. Below is the description of the excursion. Minimum number of participants 15. If less than 15 participants the excursion will be cancelled.
Moreover, during the conference, there is the possibility of advices regarding where to go and what to visit in Chania, for organized short (2-3 hour) guided tours for the accompanying persons, e.g. in Chania town.
If you are interested to make a tour and participate in the excursion to Arkadi/Rethymno/Chania, please contact Mrs Maria Leventi, at the registration desk of the conference while you register for the conference on the 18th and/or 19th of September.

Excursion to Rethymno/Arcadi/Chania

We begin the day around 09:00 with a drive along the north coastal road of Crete, reaching and making the first stop at The Monastery of Arkadi built in 1587, located 23km from the town of Rethymno. On the way back we arrive in the city of Rethymno. Enjoy a walk through the towns narrow winding streets, in between the old houses with their wooden covered balconies, the Venetian Fortress, the Port and the Turkish monuments, all of which reveal the city's turbulent history.

We continue the tour with a drive to the beautiful and romantic city of Chania. Its old town will arouse your senses. Well preserved, it is a living showcase of the past. Visit its Venetian citadel, the descriptive old houses in the medieval streets, Venetian Churches, Turkish Mosques, minarets and fountains. Enjoy lunch in the attractive old port area.

Price: 65.00 euros per person (entrance to Arkadi and lunch included).
Minimum number of participants 15. If less than 15 participants the excursion will be cancelled.


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