Invited Speakers

Francesco De Angelis (Italian Institute of Technology), “Mimicking and interfacing neuro-biological architectures with nanostructured metamaterials”

Philippe Barois (CNRS-Université de Bordeaux), “Isotropic 3D optical magnetism in visible light in a self-assembled metamaterial”

Mikhail Belkin (The University of Texas at Austin), “Flat nonlinear optics with ultrathin highly-nonlinear metasurfaces”

Filiberto Bilotti (Roma Tre University), “Cloaking receiving and transmitting antennas theoretical aspects and applications”

Yuri Bobrovnitsky (Russian Academy of Sciences), “Impedance approach to modelling and designing acoustic metamaterials”

Jordi Bonache (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), “Application of metamaterials in near field UHF-RFID readers”

Sergey Bozhevolnyi (University of Southern Denmark), “Efficient polarization sorting with gap-plasmon based metasurfaces”

Stéphane Brûlé (Institut Fresnel), “Seismic metamaterials in civil engineering”

Christophe Caloz (École Polytechnique de Montréal), “Spacetime metamaterial engineering”

Yanfeng Chen (Nanjing University), “Unidirectional propagation controlled by acoustic metamaterials”

Itai Cohen (Cornell University), “Q: How many folded angels can we fit on the head of pin? A: 22+/-5”

Nader Engheta (University of Pennsylvania), "Position-independent manipulation of waves in extreme-parameter metastructures"

Yang Hao (Queen Mary University of London), "Antenna engineering in the framework of transformation optics and metamaterials"

Ognjen Ilic (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), “Nanophotonics for tailoring the flow of thermal radiation”

Polina Kapitanova (ITMO University), “Wireless power transfer system based on ceramic resonators”

Jacob Khurgin (Johns Hopkins University), “Replacing metals with alternative plasmonic substances in plasmonics and metamaterials: is it a good idea?”

Arseniy Kuznetsov (Data Storage Institute, A*STAR), “Metasurfaces and nanoantenna devices based on resonant dielectric nanostructures”

Andrei Lavrinenko (Technical University of Denmark), “Surface waves on metamaterials interfaces”

Geoffroy Lerosey (Institut Langevin), “Locally resonant metamaterials beyond homogenization: subwavelength control of waves, slow waves and negative index media”

Natalia Litchinitser (University at Buffalo), “Structured light in linear and nonlinear engineered media”

Hui Liu (Nanjing University), “Wavefront shaping through emulated curved space in transformation optics”

Andrey Miroshnichenko (The Australian National University), “Observation of anapole with dielectric nanoparticles”

Ekmel Ozbay (Bilkent University), “Metamaterial based nanobiosensors and nanophotodetectors”

Nicolae Panoiu (University College London), “Enhanced quadratic and cubic optical nonlinearities in photonic structures containing nanopatterned graphene and other 2D materials”

Albert Polman (FOM Institute AMOLF), “Femtosecond plasmonic and photonic wavepackets on metasurfaces”

Philippe Roux (Institut des Sciences de la Terre), “Conversion and reflection of Rayleigh waves with the seismic metawedge”

Min Qui (Zhejiang University), “Plasmonic gap resonances between a single gold nanorod and films”

Vladimir Shalaev (Purdue University), “New material platforms and metasurface designs for quantum nanophotonics”

Ekaterina Shamonina (University of Oxford), “Experimental demonstration of superdirectivity for coupled dimers of meta-atoms”

Gennady Shvets (The University of Texas at Austin), “Photonic topological insulators and their applications: From delay lines to leaky wave antennas”

Mario Silveirinha (University of Coimbra), “Topological bound states in metamaterials”

Ryan Stevenson (Kymeta), "Metamaterial surface antenna technology: Commercialization through diffractive metamaterials and liquid crystal display manufacturing"

Martin Wegener (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), “Experiments on 3D Hall-effect metamaterials”

Shu Yang (University of Pennsylvania), “You see it, or you don’t see it”

Xiangdong Zhang (Beijing Institute of Technology), “Novel physical phenomena based on plasmon hot spots”

Thomas Zentgraf (Paderborn University), “Giant nonlinear optical activity from planar metasurfaces”

Nikolay Zheludev (University of Southampton), “Electromagnetic doughnuts: localized and propagating toroidal excitations enabled by metamaterials”

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